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About the exhibition

About the exhibition

In the framework of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2024, the Belgian Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs created the exhibition “Voices” in the heart of the European democracy, the European Parliament.

Thanks to the dialogue with the curators of the six Belgian Parliaments, of some corporate and private collections and in collaboration with the team of curators and staff of the European Parliament, the exhibition is created in a “democratic way”.

Relevant and remarkable art works illuminate the parliamentary democracy in a variety of aspects, such as human rights, the separation of powers, the democratic process, the participation of the citizens and actual topics such as sustainability, gender and inclusion, democracy and the rule of law.  

With the upcoming European elections in June 2024, it is relevant to reinforce awareness to stand up for democratic rights and to use your voice wisely, definitely at the current moment of politics and democracies on the European continent.

In the framework of the Belgian Presidency animation movies are created for the Council of the European Union. In the month May the topic of the animation movie is “Voices” with a reference to the exhibition in the European Parliament.  

In this  film the Greek temple in Willy Peeters’ work “Liberty and Law” symbolises official bodies such as the European Parliament or one of the Belgian parliaments, where the representatives debate, negotiate, find agreements.  The institution is on the move as the elections approach. At European level, citizens go to the polls every five years. That’s when they decide who will sit in Parliament, and therefore what direction the EU will take.  The work “Composition trouvée”, a vooting booth by Guillaume Bijl, symbolises this great democratic process.   The movement of the voting booth and the temple signify that the world has changed and that a new balance is being sought.

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