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Dimitris ANTHIS

(1925 - 1991)

Dimitris Anthis was born in Corfu in 1925. Between 1937 and 1947, he trained under Greek-French painter Tin Florias. Two years later, Anthis organised his first solo exhibition in Corfu, and followed it up with a second show in Athens. Artistically, his practice is a result of the various influences of his time. Marxist socialism, capitalist democracy, and the totalitarianism of both communism and fascism all inform his work to varying degrees. The effect is a focus on the mundane, the common, the everyday, with specific attention given to rural communities and activities, such as harvesting. His passion for his culture and contemporaries led him to travel throughout his own and neighbouring countries. Anthis passed on the knowledge he had accumulated as a result of these journeys as a teacher at the Technical and Housekeeping Colleges of the Royal National Foundation between the years 1954 and1958.

Anthis passed away in 1991.

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